Self Program
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serce 150 biale
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serce 350 zielone jasne
serce 350 zielone jasne
serce 350 zielone jasne
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For whom?

For people who:

  • Want to know the causes of their ailments and effectively counteract them
  • Need comprehensive support in the area of working with the body, energy and mind in illness
  • Are or will be parents and want to introduce healthy habits in the family
  • Are chronically ill and seek other methods of recovery than taking lifetime medication
  • Want to permanently change their eating habits and lifestyle

What do I offer:

  • Min. 14 h of individual seminars and mentoring
  • 10h of group sessions
  • 6 nutrition and dietary supplementation plans
  • Comprehensive cleansing of the body
  • Nutrition focused on cell regeneration and renewal
  • An integrated nutrition plan for whole year
  • Development of planning skills and goal setting in recovery
  • Individual and indefinite recovery and regeneration plan



Change of eating habits

  • Basic nutrition and dietary supplementation plan
  • Individual principles of healthy eating
  • Recommendations for changing lifestyle
  • Broader diagnostics in search of the causes of ailments

Cleansing of the body

  • Nutrition and dietary supplementation plan
  • Annual body cleansing plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations during the cleansing period
  • Work with lymph and physical activity

Regeneration of the body

  • Enrichment plan for nutrition and dietary supplementation
  • Regeneration of the body at cellular level
  • Natural recovery methods
  • Integrated medicine support in repair and regeneration processes

Mental work

  • Setting a goal in recovery and life
  • Work with beliefs about the disease
  • Motivation in recovery process
  • New skills and new habbits in recovery

Integrated disease action plan

  • Integrated nutrition
  • Specialized diagnostics
  • Support of integrated medicine specialists
  • Group sessions

Self Program BASIC

Magda Dorko

Means a detailed evaluation of the examination results on the most important parameters assessing the functioning of the whole organism, including the digestive, urinary, circulatory, respiratory, immune and endocrine systems, and monitoring the progress during the individual plan.

Magda Dorko

Means a detailed nutrition plans, adapted to cleansing the body, regenerating and rebuilding cells after cleansing, supporting a specific organ or system that is affected and the target nutrition plan, which continues after the program ends. It contains as well, recipes and tips for organizing the kitchen.

Magda Dorko

Means a dietary supplementation schedules supplementing nutrition plans. These are arranged for the duration of the program and immediately after it. Contains individual doses, recommended brands and indications on how to apply them, with which it can be safely combined and which precludes their effective action.

Magda Dorko

Means a mental work which task is to develop self-awareness and to learn about the causes of the disease from the emotional, spiritual and physiological side. It’s task is to reach life problems that influenced the development of the disease and finding a way to solve them.

Magda Dorko

Means a participation in group sessions that guarantee the continuity of the healing process. Other participants support and shared motivation help consolidate knowledge, gain new one and contribute to a greater understanding and acceptance of own disease, which helps in successfully recovery from it.

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