Magdalena Dorko-Wojciechowska runs individual recovery plans (on a semi-annual or annual basis) for people struggling with all chronic diseases. Integrated recovery plans consist in changing eating habits, cleansing the body and its regeneration at the cellular level, using a properly selected diet, necessary supplementation and changes in existing habits. Individual recovery plans include specific nutritional recommendations rich in recipes and cooking tips. In addition, for the duration of the program and immediately after it, it offers a diet supplementation schedule that complements the nutrition plans. As part of the semi-annual individual recovery plan, you will receive 3 nutrition plans and 4 dietary supplementation plans. For the annual plan, you will receive as many as 6 nutrition plans and 6 dietary supplementation plans, as well as an individual and indefinite regeneration and recovery plan.

What are the benefits of an individual recovery plan?

With an individual recovery plan, you will improve your medical test results, achieve the health goals you set at the beginning of the plan and learn how to nourish your body and mind healthily. Magdalena Dorko-Wojciechowska provides comprehensive support in the area of nutrition, cleansing the body and regeneration in disease. It combines the needs of the body with the needs of the mind, so you will learn how to take care of inner peace and provide yourself with a friendly environment to effectively recover from the disease. What distinguishes an individual recovery plan is, above all, knowing the causes of ailments that should be sought for not only at the body level. Each disease is different and may arise on a different level of human existence and therefore it is very important to know your emotions, mental condition and the entire history of your life, because the healing process and choosing the best method for you depends on them.



Umów się na sesję ze mną

Powiedz STOP inwestowaniu w niepotrzebne leki, w zbędne konsultacje ze specjalistami i zacznij wracać do zdrowia w naturalny i zintegrowany sposób. Dzięki godzinnej sesji ze mną poznasz skuteczne metody uzdrawiania ciała i umysłu dzięki kompleksowemu wsparciu w obszarze pracy mentalnej, żywienia, oczyszczania organizmu i regeneracji w chorobie.