Nutritional attitude trainer,

Founder of the Institute of Functional Medicine, Master of Psychology of Success and Personal Change.  An expert in the implementation of well-being in business. Conducts individual recovery plans and helps people get out of disease . In her own “SELF” concept, she uses an integrated approach to health. Focuses on the interactions between the environment and the digestive, hormonal, immune, nervous and circulatory systems. She combines functional medicine with mindfulness techniques because she knows that peace and health begins with a change in the way of thinking and attitude towards the world.

Magda Dorko
Magda Dorko

A journalist by profession. She writes for E!STILO, Harmonia Życia, (Harmony of Life) and as a guest for the VIP magazine. She lectures on changing nutritional attitudes at the Polskie Towarzystwo Stwardnienia Rozsianego (Polish Society of Multiple Sclerosis). A member of the “Dziennikarze dla Zdrowia” (Journalists for Health) association. Expert of the broadcast “Radiowa Klinika Zdrowia” (Radio Health Clinic) on RPL radio and on the “abcZdrowie” (*health advice forum) by Wirtualna Polska web portal. Educates and reveals the secrets of integrated recovery methods on her own YT channel. Originator and organizer of the first Integrative Health Conference in Poland in 2016 in Warsaw. She translates articles from the Science Daily portal, which is the source of global scientific reports in the field of health and medicine.


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Powiedz STOP inwestowaniu w niepotrzebne leki, w zbędne konsultacje ze specjalistami i zacznij wracać do zdrowia w naturalny i zintegrowany sposób. Dzięki godzinnej sesji ze mną poznasz skuteczne metody uzdrawiania ciała i umysłu dzięki kompleksowemu wsparciu w obszarze pracy mentalnej, żywienia, oczyszczania organizmu i regeneracji w chorobie.